The 2014 roundup: 'The other loves'

Hello there kitty cats,

And welcome to part 3 of the 4 parted 2014 roundup aka the all time favourites!!
Here are the bits that didn't need a category of their own because they were the only one.
This post contains a playlist that basicaly sums up my 2014 in music. My favourite nailpolish, roomspray, etc..

The roomspray; The Zara home roomspray in Ginger lily. This smells amazing, soft and fresh.. a little bit like Zwitsal for grown ups. But a little bit more delicate and sophisticated. Throwing all the fancy words in aren't I?

The book: Closer by Scott Schuman aka The sartorialist. A blog I have read and followed since highschool. And finding this book this summer made my heart skip a beat. It has amazing photographs and style inspiring people in it. Just LOVE!
Oh the little pink sticky notes are the photographs I just LOVE!

The nailpolish: Barry M Gelly in Rose hip. My most loved, most worn, most mentioned and raved about nailpolish.
I wore it in spring, summer and winter. It's an almost white kind of pastel pink. Which suits both a dark skintone like mine. And a paler skintone. Summer and winterproof, Just adore this nailpolish!!!

The scented candle: Also from Zara home the Pure gardenia scented candle. this is fresh and floral yet not sickly sweet.
And a great candle to burn in your room, bathroom, toilet.. It's just so nice. much loved and burned out.. Have to get another one.

And of course my year in music. Thanks for the offer Spotify but these are the actual songs I have LOVED and discovered in 2014. There are more of course.. But these ones stood out to me the most.
I have revisited a lot of artists and songs but these ones just have a place in my heart in 2014.

See y'all tomorrow for the last one!

Kisses on you elbows,


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