Blogmas day 10: the christmasoutfit; The winter ballerina

Hello there kittycats,

In less then 3 days it will be christmas!!!!!! Oh my god my excitement is through the roof!!
I am soo excited to give my presents, more then receiving them. And the food and the time with my family and hopefully some friends before that.
But I am a woman, so the ,most exciting part of the holiday season is deffinetly the outfits. This year I started shopping really early and had a great vision of what I wanted. Mainly because the things I already wanted to buy were also holiday appropriate.
So I made a couple of outfit choices, here's the first one; The winter ballerina.
Bear in mind that this is just the clothing and the footwear. On the day itself there will also be nice make up and accessories involved of course.

the winterballerina

matching your nails with  your skirt, not a must but it's cute.

isn't this skirt a dream??

swush did the skirt

This is definitely a more elegant/sophisticated outfit. So I'd suggest you wear something like this to the christmas family dinner. It is super simple but the full tule skirt gives it that extra festive touch. Like you've actually made an effort instead of just putting a shirt and a skirt on.
You can also pair this with some elegant boots or flats. I just love high heels.
To top things off I'd wear a bold, plummy/cherry lipstick. some simple jewelry, maybe a statement ring and a nice clutch. I just love simple outfits with a statement piece, like this skirt.

So here's an outfit I'd suggest for christmas. I may wear this to my family dinner..

Where did she buy this??
skirt; H&M plussize department
croptop: Monki
Heeled sandals: New Look

Kisses on your elbows,


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