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2016 favourites

Hello there kitty cats, And a happy new year!! I know it's already the fourth day of 2017.. But I was just way into my to do list, since I didn't really get to finish that before new years (with getting sick before christmas and having to work a lot after christmas..) So I've been spending some time at home with my mom and little sister and I am seriously getting shit done. It feels great and I have just a couple of days left of this christmasbreak before I have to work on the weekend and all the madness starts again on monday. So I wanted to take the time to look back on 2016! It was by far the most life-changing and all over the place year I've had so far. But I loved every single bit of it. And I really wanted to look back at it all by posting a good old favourites list. Everything I loved, everyone I loved (even more/ still), everything I ate, saw, did and still can't think about without getting the biggest smile on my face. I won't put them in a

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