Dear Britt #22

because I know you can appreciate this!
Dear Britt,

YAY! another letter to you and it's the first blogpost I've written this month #crappyblogger
But I thought I'd give you a littl update. Because this month has been all kinds of lovely and amazing and special so far already. I had a birthday in Breda, which was amazing with gender swapping and just basically all the dancing a person could do at a party!
Oh and I've discovered an artist called Julian Schnabel and I love his work!! It had me crying like a baby and ooh-ing and aah-ing on a chair for half an hour at the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam. (What a view)
I've never felt like that about a painting before. So of course I spent last week looking at his work and trying to find places with more of his work.. No succes. I think I'll just have to settle for that painting here in the Netherlands. Oh and on friday I met amazing new, warm souls. And that only happened because our teacher told us to get out on the streets and invite strangers to come and look at out performances. I've been inside this bubble for almost a year now. And it's weird to think that there are actually people outside this bubble, who think the same way (about art and life, the world even) as I do. People who are so geniunly kind that it makes my heart skip a beat. They were a bit like John.
But split up in two musicians and an incredible lady who said great phrases like: "I'm too old to die".
I even ended up with a date! haha (this months YOLO moment ) It was wonderful. I spent a saturdaynight having drinks with my little sister and our cousin. Who could also be our long lost older sister. I swear to God we are so much alike it's scary. She's 13 years older so that would make my mom really young when she had her. But.. WOW that was lovely on a whole new level!
I have a busy week ahead, with big plans when it comes to making my own performance.
And even a wedding on friday! *happy tears* So I'll write you again later this week!
How are doing? Don't let that paper get to you okay?

Oh and before I forget, I had another cheeky little vlog from the day we did our last outfitshoot and had bagels with your friends, remember?

It's not much of a vlog.. But I love you a lot and I hope we can have a day like this again soon!

Kisses on your elbows,


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