Blogmas day 1: 3 years with confetti

it´s a confettipopper, not actual champagne

Hello there kittty cats,

Long time no blogging, like really long, as in two months long.. Sorry about that. Not that I think you've actually missed me rambling on here. But I've missed it.
So to get back into the swing of things and to make sure I will actually write something before 2016 is officially over.. How did that happen?! ... I wanted to do something I've been doing for the past two years; Blogmas. Writing blogpost (let's keep our fingers crossed..) every other day. Christmas-related, food-related, happines- related, party- and glitter-related. You name it I will probably write about it during this festive month.
So first of all; welcome December!  I'm glad you're here. Because this means Christmas is only 23 sleeps away.. YAY!
And to get in the party-mode right away; on the 13th of October Life with Confetti celebrated it's third birthday. Or anniversary.. The longest relationship I've ever had. And a bit different from the previous birthdays, I didn't write a blogpost a day or two later then the actual date,, I just didn't write anything at all..
I did actually celebrated with my bestie Britt. We also had a 10 year anniversary, I also don't quite understand how so many years have passed and we're still madly deeply into this loving friendship we have.
Anyway.. Shortly after our date, where I also did the coldest outfitshoot ever. (It was proper fall and I was wearing cropped cullotes.. and slip-on sneakers.. the pictures will be shared on here soon!)
I did a project at school where I made an ode/ homage to the smile; think blankets, chocolate, chill music, video´s of happy people and a compliment-tree. It was all the positive feelings and things, captured in one room.
I also made a playlist with all the happy video's I love on the internet (up untill now).
And I thought it would be nice, for the first day of blogmas to share this playlist with you!

Ode to the smile- youtube playlist

So this escalated into a bit of catch-up session/ introduction of Blogmas/ post!! YAY!
Happy first of december kittens!

Kisses on your elbows,


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