Blogmas day 5: The christmas survivalguide (/Tips on how not to be a grumpy/shitty person during Christmas)

Hello there kitty cats,

First of all imagine reading this post with Whitney Houston's cover of the christmassong in the background.. Okay now read!
We are getting closer and closer to the happiest day of this season: Christmas!! *Cue Glitters and snow*
So I thought instead of writing a litttle winter survivalguide, like I've done for many years..
I wanted to write a little christmassurvivalguide.. For the not so festive spirits amongst us.
It's nothing special, just some tips and tricks I think will do everyone good, even the ones who are all up in that christmasmood since October! Because even if you're not that much of a fan of father christmas.. Some people are and I want to help you not ruïning these days of fairy lights and Wham blasting through the speakers for everyone you might still want to have in your life after Christmas.
So here we go:

everyone who hates christmas and me kissing them with via this post.. 

1. Embrace the fact that there are fairylights everywhere, in every tree, in every café, public space, window, bedroom, home in your neighbourhood. Just accept it.

2. Don't get annoyed by the rediculous amount of glitters in some peoples wardrobe.. Glitters are for life, not just for christmas.. But that's my personal opinion.. (Just like everything else in this post and on this blog #disclaimer)
3. Enjoy the fact that there will be food everywhere, good food, the kind of food you want to stuff your face with and is made in these rediculously large amounts so everyone can stuff their faces.

4. Invest in a pair of stretchypants (see tip number 3.. And it's cold.. Jeans won't keep you warm.)

5. Christmas is a great excuse to take some time off, so binchwatch that TV show everybody has been raving about since last June and go into the new year all up to date on the 7 seasons of GOT!

6. You don't have to like christmasjumpers to appreciate them.. Just accept them, they're cool and can only be worn one month a year.. Not even, stop complaining! Go buy one!

7. Please buy christmaspresents for your family and friends if that's what they want/do for christmas.
You can give everyone warm and cosy socks with reindeers.. No big deal.. Just don't be a dick.
8. Practice your fake smile, you'll need it. Especially if you have a aunty like me who likes to take pictures.. Love you aunty Ruth!

9. Make some sort of rewardingsystem for yourself, things you're allowed to do after christmas if you follow all of the rules/tips above.. Rewards always help, just look at it like a social workout.

10. If none of this helped your soul is black or gone.. So you might as well get a cave of cabin in the woods untill it's over. I can't make you fall in love with christmas, you have to do it yourself.. I'm just trying to meet you halfway..

You're welcome!

This post was written on behalf of everyone who likes/loves the hollidays/christmas.


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