Blogmas day 6: The christmasdinner vlog

Merry christmas kitty cats,

What a blogmas fail this year.. But I just wasn't really feeling it. I was bussier than planned and I even got sick this week.. So whilst I am still recovering/ ill on christmasday. I still made an effort and put foundation on my face (to hide my pale skin) and a sh*tload of glitters on my eyelids, because glitters. And to finish this years blogmas (or just more posts in december to make up for no post november and october..) I thought it would be nice to share a vlog from last years christmas!
Back when I still wanted to make an effort with vlogging....Talking to the camera and stuff.
This vlog contains a lot of giggles, high pitched voices (mine especially) and way too much food..

This year my friends and I are not in the same city, not even in the same country, so a christmasdinner like this just couldn't happen. But I hope they are all having a wonderfull christmas.
All of you kittens.

Kisses and huggs and the whole shabang!


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