Blogmas day 2: meet (my) Dinnie

lief zuske

Hello there kitty cats,

So day 2 of blogmas is already one day too late.. I know, I know.. Told you we had to keep our fingers crossed! But I had a very good reasons to postpone yesterdays post.. a) I had to work all day and b) I celebrated Sinterklaas with my class the entire night. 
If you're not farmilliar with the whole Sinterklaar tradition, it's a Dutch holiday. And it's awesome.
And of course since I only celebrate this with my class and we're all actors.. We don't just exchange presents, we make performances for eachother and give presents. (think secret santa with a performance)
And I had the honour to make one for my sister from another mister and misses. My Dinnie.
Her real name is Dinda.. But Dinnie is just much cuter.
And after making a performance where I just gave a nice speech about her and buying her a present, she would really appreciate.. I also wanted to dedicate an entire blogpost to her.
Because she is just that amazing! And I wanted to share that with the world.. The internet..

So are you ready for the emotional word vomit?
One of the things I admire about Dinnie is that she really stands and fights for the things and people she believes in. If only I would dare to question things as much as she does, I think I wouldn't  be talking to myself this much.. Asking myself the things I could've asked the person I was having the conversation with. 
I love how she hums when she's just walking around or listening to someone else singing. She never really sings out loud.. At least not entire songs, just snippets.
And I love all her weird moves and how she can transform into some kind of squirrell-like animal just by lifting her hands like little claws.
Or how she always genuinely asks how you're doing.
And all her amazingly random quotes, she has enough material for her own trilogy of quote books.. Just ask Sabine.
And how she can comfort you when you want or have/ need ('cause we're all a bit dramatic) to cry.
And how she can make sure you don't feel forgotten.. Don't know how she does is.. but she can do that.. 
Oh! And she's an amazing actress and I learn a lot by just watching her act.. especially during improvisation.
But most of all I love her hilarious laugh, the one where there's no more sound.. Just a very wide mouth and a tilted head.. 

I guess what I really wanted to say is that I love you Dinnie and that I feel very lucky to have you as not just my classmate but as a friend and most important as my big, little sister.
Just like my other sestra.. I had no say in getting you.. But I'm glad I did!
All the soppy, cheesy words put on the internet.
Just to emphasise the fact that I love and appriciate you!

Kisses on your elbows,


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