Dear Britt #21


Dear Britt-love,

I've missed you!!!!
I haven't been blogging at all this month.. I've been so busy it's rediculous. (all fun stuff with an overdosis theatre of course! Think lot's and lot's of nights at the theatre, beer and wine with all the bitterballen in the world)
I just had my last week of regular classes. And starting tomorrow we will evaluate all classes. (that also means dancing a modern solo in front of our headteachers, yikes!)
But seriously, what happened, how did we get from August last year to almost June this year...
Being completely sucked into school and work and Amsterdam I guess.. Since I haven't spend that many weekends at home this month, really did mean I can say I am completely at home in Amsterdam now. How weird is that?
I was walking to my frontdoor monday and all I could think was: How is this my own place? I live in Amsterdam..?!
My room at my mom's doesn't feel like my room anymore, since all of my stuff is in my new room.
I really have to think about buying two of everything so I don't have to carry so much stuff besides my dirty laundry. (Yes I am the cliche who has to wash at her parents house) And of course so I don't feel like a guest in my own room.
My current workshop/class (songperforming) is amazing! I told you a little bit about it, but after singing again last friday I realised singing is really the thing I feel most comfortable/ confidant in. I am studying to become an actress and there's nothing in the whole wide world that I want more (except for a baby maybe).
But I never thought I'd be able to achieve the things I've been working on for an entire year with acting, with singing. I guess singing (and dancing) are the things I've been training for the past 4 years (and dancing even longer). So I got comfortable with singing on it's own, so now I don't have to think about it anymore. And I can easily take on other things whilst doing it.
I was always terrified to sing in front of anyone. I even had a full on ugly cry in front of my entire class, after the first time I had to sing for them. (hyperventilation and everything) And acting was always the one thing I never felt any shame of fear for.
So for me to realise that I now feel this confident and comfortable (How many times can someone use this word in one story, right?!) with singing is kind of a weird, but really fun and exciting thing at the same time!
I've been rambling for forever now.. How are you?
How have these past few weeks been for you? I really hope we can spend some lovely days like this together soon!

I love you with all my heart,


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