Hello October

Hello there kitty cats,

And welcome October.*lights cinnamon candles and starts boiling water*
I actually took a month off blogging.. Not intentionally, but it happened and I'm glad it did.
There was no point in blogging about something I didn't feel inspired/happy/mad/hurt/excited or confused about.
So on this first day of the new month; October..
I feel fresh and at ease again, ready to write about and share with you, the things that are on my mind, on the mind of others, things I hope inspire you, put a smile on your face or make you think,.
Weither that's about your breakfast, style or just how cute kittens, puppies and children are.
I don't think you need a re-introduction of what I write about, but I do feel like I needed one.

So since I have to get back into the swing of things, I thought I'd start this new month of with some nice jingles for you to listen to on this first day of autumn (it's not officially autumn yet, but to me autumn starts on the first of October.. I'm sorry summer lovers).

I am not fancy, so here's a link to the playlist.


I could've named it; songs that keep me calm, but since we're going for some kind of autumn vibe here, it's called songs for a rainy day.
It's about 2,5 hours long, has a lot of Etta James, Norah Jones, Gregory Porter and Lianne la Havas in it and everything that I think makes a good underscore/soundscape whilst reading a book, learning lines. doing the dishes, nitting or drinking a cup of tea on those endless rainy autumn days.Of course you can listen to it whenever you want.. Well you're old enough to read this blog, so you're old enough to make your own decissions and not be influenced by some random stranger.. 

Happy Octo-bear kittens! (see what I did there?)

Kisses on your forhead, (wow change!)


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