2016 favourites

Hello there kitty cats,

And a happy new year!!
I know it's already the fourth day of 2017.. But I was just way into my to do list, since I didn't really get to finish that before new years (with getting sick before christmas and having to work a lot after christmas..) So I've been spending some time at home with my mom and little sister and I am seriously getting shit done. It feels great and I have just a couple of days left of this christmasbreak before I have to work on the weekend and all the madness starts again on monday.

So I wanted to take the time to look back on 2016! It was by far the most life-changing and all over the place year I've had so far. But I loved every single bit of it. And I really wanted to look back at it all by posting a good old favourites list. Everything I loved, everyone I loved (even more/ still), everything I ate, saw, did and still can't think about without getting the biggest smile on my face.
I won't put them in a perticular order, just as they come to mind!
Here are my 2016 favourites:

1. Woerden
2016 was all about (that bass) and the greatest little getaways/ vacation.This mini vacation to Woerden I had with my class was by far the best thing we did together. I dedicated an entire blogpost with a vlog to the trip, so you can have a click if you fancy.
It´s blurry, and it contains my favourite things: food, candlelight and these babes...

2. Moving out and to Amsterdam.
I had a mini panic attack because of the sudden move and packing is still not my greatest talent. But it all worked out fine and I love my room in this rediculously bussy city.
shopping at Ikea had never been so exciting and nervewrecking at the same time..

3. My roommates.
They're such babes, they know they are, everyone knows they are, because I just can't stop bragging about them. Yesterday I saw a text saying one of my roommates couldn't get home because the metro's weren't going. And one of my other roommated picked her up by bike.. My heart just imploded.. These girlies! *hearteyes*

During our first night out as a girlsquad.. 

4. The gregory Porter concert. I don't even know if I mentioned it on here, but that was the coolest concert I've ever been to. I am in love with Gregory Porter, I want to marry him. I have never heard anyone sing even better in real life than on their CD, that man is a gift from God. And of course I had some great company as well. Pizza, the babes and Gregory of course.. Just the most magical night of the year.

5. The two weeks I got to live with a cat.
I was once again a catsitter but this time for my babe Giulia and I got to spend two weeks in her and her sisters apartment with their cat and it was lovely and sunny and I had the best time living the live I don´t really have. (I just miss a cat, okay and my own apartment, but I love my roommates, see point 3..)

6. My family vacation in Turkey, that was seriously dreamy. I only had to eat, swim, sunbath and go on boat trips. We did even more, but I am still editing the vlog. so I will be posting that when it´s ready. It was just what we all needed after such a bussy and hectic schoolyear. We were all tired and ready to relax and spend more time in our swimsuits than in our normal clothes. I had the best time with my family.
The sea was actually blue and clear and there were fish just swimming around our ankles and the sun.. God I love that man..

7. All the nights Merel came for dinner, to help with my bed or when we called for hours to catch up.

8. The four musketeers.. These babes are just the best.. It´s great to see them do such amazing things and know that they will be sitting frontrow when I do something, big or small.

9.  Spending days with Britt, I vlogged most of them, but I hope we get to spend many more this year. Since we didn't get to spend as much time together as I would have loved to.

10.The graduation (party) of my school. That was just, wow! All the lovely speeches, our surprise act and all the prepping, cutting silver stars all afternoon and then getting to dress up as a grease character with way too much tule and high ponytails.. And of course the dancing on a boat until 6.30 in the morning (WOOPS)

11. My 14-hours project with Kathlyn and just 14-hours in general.

12. Julian Schnabel, he is an amazing painter and artist and this summer I got to see his painting:
´The unexpected death of Blinky Palermo in the tropics´.. And I have never felt so inspired, touched and intimidated by a painting in my life.. Just Google it.. And than go see it in real life, because  a photo just won´t do it justice.

13. Ma girl Sabine´s 21th birthdayparty, we did a people swap.. So we all got to be someone else at the party, everybody dressed up and there was some serious roasting going on. Just like dancing to Ninja the entire night and lying in the sunny garden the next morning.

14. Visiting my friends Margot´s house with Meryl. And the amazing salad she made for us. I have never had such a delicious, healthy dinner before.

15. Spending the entire day and night improvising and playing games with all the first and second year students of the acting department.

16.  Het jaar van de kreeft.. That play was just one of my favourites of 2016.

17. the girls night out with just a small part of ma girls, which was basically a guys night out with a lot of meat, beer and playing cards in a cafe.

18. Our anual Sinterklaas celebration my class and I do every year (this was only the second year.. but I just assume we continue doing this for many years)

19. The random visits in Amsterdam from my mom and little sister.. Just lovely, I hope we continue this in 2017 as well. I love you two!

20. My class, I loved them last year, I loved them even more in 2016. They are just flippin´ amazing.
It was a shame that we weren´t complete on new years eve, but just for the record: We are staying together forever.. Not as a class but in each others lives. I cannot cope with the thought of ever having to be without you guys.. ever.. So here you go.. we´re stuck with each other.

22. The zwerries and our selfie sending thing we had going on for about a month. I love you guys. Ginno get your ass over here.. It´s enough now..

23.  Discovering Amsterdam and all it´s little shops and cafe´s. I´m nowhere near done, but I like being able to have a little mooch every now and then.

24. The flower drawing assignment our drama teacher gave us. And especially the part where on sunday, I send my class a selfie with my 7 flowers of that week. They hated me, I had the time of my life..

25. The cat that spend a rainy valentinesday with Giulia and me, He slept our entire lunch, tea and cake session and it was the cutest little ball of fluff.

26. Having Giulia as my person. She's pretty amazing..

27. All the days and afternoons with my little sestra in Amsterdam. She spend so much time in my room that I know for a fact she helped making it more of a home. For her to spend so much time with me and marking her territory all the way in my little room in Amsterdam was just great.  Thanks little one.

Wow, I think that was everything I wanted to share.. Everything I could share before this post turned into an 10 pages long essay. I had many more lovely moments, but I think I already mentioned those in my favourites posts.
I just wanted to share some of my highlights. But what I basically wanted to do was look back at this amazing year and thank everyone I love for being a part of it. And of course thank you who are reading this.. I hit 10.000 pageviews this year and I am currently over 15.000.. That's insane!!!
I am planning on writing a lot more this year.. I just want to get back into it. So that is my plan for 2017.. One of my plans.

I hope you had an amazing year as well!



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