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Hello there kitty cats,

As I mentioned before, I am more of a bucketlist kinda gall! And if you've been Reading my blog for a while, you know I have a soft spot for lists anyway. 
Like  every other person on this planet I want to make the most out of 2015! 
Life in general, But there's something about a New year that makes it extra attractive to start doing New things!

We are already near the end of  january and life is good, busy, hectic, But most of all lovely!
I don't do New years resolutions, because I hate setting a deadline on life..I guess.  And let's be honest I always fail misserably and then hate myself for failing.. none of that crap this year. But I do want to discover new things and places, meet new people and get a new perspective on things. 
So to be able to do that I would like to start sharing the things I have decided at the end of 2014, that I wanted to do, starting in 2015!
The bucketlist/ life resolutions list! Let's call it The list.
It excists, it's scary and fun and most of all pretty managable because the deadline isn't there! It's non excisting! I can take as long as I want to actieve all of these things. But being the perfectionist and entusiast that I am.. I may have Snucked in some deadlines, just so I won't postpone everything,  untill I feel comfortable enough to actually do them! Let's go..

1.  Visit new country's and city's:
- Paris
- Berlin
- That place in Greece with all the white houses with the blue roofs.. *sigh*
- Just Scandinavian country's in general.
- New York

I have more, but these are the ones that are more affordable withing the next 3 years.. I think..
2. Go to America and London to audition for a theatreschool/ performing arts school.. And live there!! DUH.
3. Move out, that will happen.. this year. Whether that's in The Netherlands or England/America That's  a promise (to myself)
4. Buy the things I have had on my wishlist (for over 3 years now).. Like seriously, this becomes a bit pathetic...
5. buy more cookbooks and actually give anual dinnerparty's/try out these new things I cooked-party's..
6. read more books (starting this year, I am booklover, but then life happened and my books are collecting dust for a living now..
7. Be more impulsive.. every now and again, God forbid I didn't think everything through at least a 100 times..8. Expend my knowledge.. by taking a Portuguese class. I really want to sound like ...someone from Portugal,

ooh.. this may be a little teaser/preview of my new sunday vlog.. *wink wink*

9.Document my life more (through bloggin, taking pictures and probably vlogging), for myself, but also for my children and for friends and family.. I want to have somthing to look back at.
10. Audition, so I can work with the people who inspire me.. And perform on Broadway and the West End.. YES I CAN..
11. Sing more, singing classes, performing more, the whole shabang.
12. Not let everything I have studied over the past 4 years go to waste and start stretching and working out again/more..
13. Buy myself a pair of sneakers.. I have not owned a pair since I was thirthteen
14. Go to (more) concerts and the theatre
15. Compliment strangers more often, I always chicken out because I'm just awkward like that..

So this is it..
I am really excited..
Do you have any new years resolutions/life resolutions/things on your bucketlist??
Let's do an update every now and then..

Kisses on your elbows,


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