January Favourites

How I've felt throughout January.. after christmas and new years.

Hello there Kitty cats,

Oh my.. January 2015: CHECK! We have survived that pain in the bumm bumm. January is Always the hardest out of the 12. You're fat and broke because of the holidays and it's really dark because all the fairylights outside are already taken down.
That does sound kind of sad doesn't it?
I can't really complaine, 'cause yes I was broke, but it was a good one, did lot's of things, ate new things and had a great month on the blog!!
You know the drill; let's go over it one more time! My january favourites:

same photo, different favrourites.. 

1. New years with the Zwerries (cause new years is a two-parted thing) 2. Finally getting my mintgreen dreamboat of a camera 3. Essie Button 4. Getting into blogging a lot more 5. The liebster award nomination 6. Hitting 100!!! bloglovin' followers 7. All the lovely days with my person 8. The first vlog on the best sunday ever 9. My first moment as a social worker 10. Being my mom (not my favourite, but deffinetly the most memorable moment of the month)

It ain't no party if there aren't any selfies

11. Getting the best, brightest red, pre pre pre-birthday present ever!! 12. Quinoa 13. Drinking wine, eating all the food and catching up after walking (and crying because of) in the rain 14. Noëls supriseparty 15. The bodyshop BB cream in MY SKINTONE!! *big round of applause for the Body shop ladies and gentlemen* 16. Vanilla latté's from the coffee company 17. Buying eachother birthdaypresents 18. Instagram 19. My Friends bag

the unseen photo

20. The outfitpost 21. Lasergaming 22. Sublime FM. 23. Getting in touch with an old friend 24. My great grandmothers skirt. 25. the best grade in the world on my exam. And the sweetest classmate who was so proud she texted me right away to tell me :) I'm still shocked... 26. The one line a day 5 year memory book 27. The cats of instagram account 28. Seeing someone else graduating for the first time 29. writing The birthday wishlist 30. The return of Scandal (and Grey's of course!!)

What a long month, with the loveliest moments.
I hope you've enjoyed january as well!

Kisses on your elbows,


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