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8:05 PM

Hello there kitty cats,

I don't really do new years resolutions. I'm more of a bucket list kinda girl. (Which I will share with you very, very soon)
But one of the things I have started doing a lot more in 2014 and which I deffinetly want to continue doing in 2015; is making most out of my days. Weither that means I just get up a lot earlier then usual, squeeze in some yoga before work or trying out a new recipe. I want to put more effort into making every day/week count. Life's a party. but you've got to decorate it yourself.
It gives me so much energy when I know I am doing something fun or new. So I spend my sunday with Britt. We were only going to take some outfitphoto's for an hour or so because Britt had to study. But it kind of escalated into a outfitphoto taking-coffee and croissant eating-windowshopping-and actual shopping (she did, I was a good girl)- macaron eating- very pinterest and blogworthy little afternoon.
It all started at 11 o'clock this moring!

The Coffee company does the best vanilla latte's. So after shooting in the cold we HAD to treat ourselves to one!

And a croissant of course!

'Lipstick stains of white mugs' it sounds like a Lana del Rey song!

The prettiest macaron.

And some more food, 'cause that's what sundays are all about right?!

And now something new; a little vlog! we couldn't just take my camera for a spin without making a little video as well.. so I hope you like it. Little snippets of our lovely, lovely sunday!

Yeah, so that was my sunday. I could've had a really lazy day, run some errands in the afternoon and play Bob the builder by putting my new closet together. But I didn't.
I did what I love to do with Britt; eat, laugh and do bloggy things.
I hope you all had a lovely sunday as well!

Kisses on your elbows,


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