The 2014 roundup; 'The favourite moments'

Hello there kittty cats,

And welcome to the first day of the year. YEAH!!
Today's the day to give you the final part of my 2014 roundup; The favourite moments.
Here are the moments that I found most memorable and the loveliest of everything that happened this year. I have scrolled through my phone and facebook to find the cutest, weirdest, funniest and most amazing moments captured on video or photo's.
Let's have an amazing #Throwback!

I have never shared this picture but this was New year's last year.. well this year. The first time
I actually shared my new hairdo with my family.. It's a lot shorter now. But it was the best decission
I have made this year.
A great start of the year, spending a day in London with the lil' sister!

auditioning for the theatreschool in Amsterdam, I was so busy shitting my pants that I only took a photo of the view.

Brainstorming about our soloperformance. Beer, coffee and fried snacks. I loved this night.

my 20th birthday, not my most charming face, but it was an amazing day!!

the birthdaydinner, never ate so much in my life!!

Going out, drinks, great music and the most spontaneous thing I've ever done.

A nice weekend at Meryl.. I have loved all of our little weekends/days/moments together this year more then ever!!

job interview, I got it!!! 

playing Belle during the day with the most adorable little kids.

playing dress up at night.

the flyer of my soloperformance.
A night with music and friends, songs were sung and selfies were made

Just a nice hot day at the beach, well deserved and so realxing.

Wearing red lipstick for the first time in what seems like forever, I forgot how much I loved it.

A 6;15 AM bikeride to work isn't so bad when this is the view.

Being able to perform my soloperformance at my old theatreschool with the most crazy talented and
best friends.

Being pretty in a videoclip with my chum.

Sushidinner with ma classmates.Last time I had sushi, can we just appreciate this photo. I had a sushi baby that night.

Graduating.. so weird but amazing.

the hottest day of the year.. Britt's birthdayparty and sweaty selfies.
The best dessert I have ever had.
Another lovely day at the beach. Time wasn't an issue and we had so much to eat.. it was so chill.

the pancake party with the Zwerries. we had a selfiestick..

The first dinner with just the 4 of us since january. it was lovely. I didn't know it would be the last one of that year.

A lovely afternoon in town with my Britt! smoothies and toasties the size of our head.

It's a dark one but the loveliest evening with lot's of wine and live music. 

Remember when we had this mutated spider at work and we didn't want to kill it but couldn't leav it either?!

backingvocals at the uitmarkt musical sing a long.
the customized favourited post. I think my favourite favourites post so far.

Baking bananabread/cake for the first time and getting obsessed with it.

the best friends birthday with mermaids, pirated, bubbles and glitters.

bumping into my long lost girls that same night made it even more memorable.

a weekend at Meryl equals polaroid pictures.

the night I lost my voice because of cry laughter with the zwerries. And I got confronted
with the fact that I really suck at games.
baking healthy oatmeal cookies. loved all the baking this year!!
Shopping in Amsterdam and being goofs on the train!
Cooking pumpkin for the first time ever.. 
The first day of November.

the red velvet bae I baked..
the first day of blogmas; the very first recipe post on life with confetti.

the loveliest conversation that lasted at least 6 hours,
Baking the Lily Pebbles brookies for the first time. They are to die for.. I baked lots of them after this time.
christmasdinners and sisters hands in your face, delight.
Doing all the bloggy things with Britt.
another first; the outfit post you seemed to love just as much as I did.
And of course; last night. Ending this year with the zwerries after a lovely christmas and a lovely year.
Happy January!!

Wow.. that was 2014 in photo's! now there's nothing left for me to say but thank you for reading this little part of the oh so world wide web.
I opened blogger yesterday to find out I had hit 3500!! pageviews and 93!! followers! That is insane!
I am so thankful and happy with all the reactions, likes, comments and just face to face compliments I have gotten about my blog this year! I never thought people would actually like reading what I have to say. But it's been over a year and people are getting more and more supportive and fond of the confetti way of life!Thank you!!

Lots of sparkly shoes and kisses on your elbows,


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