Things I learned from being a mom

Hello there kitty cats,

Kind of an odd title isn't it?
Since you all know I'm not a mom.. No confettibabies here *sad/relievedface*
But I have been a catmom for the past two weeks.
A dream come true, since there was nothing I've wanted more than to be a cat owner.
And to have my own little house, with a balcony and sunshine, birds flying in when I opened the windows (like snowwhite, you get the drill).
So when my dear friend Giulia and her sister asked me to watch their cat and live in their house for two weeks, of course I couldn't resist.
And it has been just as amazing as I imagined.. But of course there were also some realitychecks.
That made me wonder if I am ready to become a catmom right now. (I can't anyway because my I only have a room now... And I don't think my landlord aproves either)
So here's a list of things I learned and tips and tricks for you new cat mommy's and daddy's out there:

1. always keep clothes pin in every room (in every room you get ready in like your bedroom, the bathroom and the livingroom, but also one in the hallway close to the door. Just a quick roll before you leave the house)

2. All cats come with their own instructions (so there is no good or wrong.. but there is, because otherwise you wouldn't need this list)

3. Cats like to sleep, during the day mostly. So just let them be when they go all crazy playfull when it's bedtime for you. (just throw something into another room, give them a treat and close your bedroomdoor, because they will sit on your face and purr you awake when you don't)

4. Like I already said; close your bedroomdoor when you appreciate your sleep. I am a bit of a nightowl and a catlover, but even I can't handle a cat sitting and walking on my face.. in the middle of the night.

5. There is no such thing as personal space, not when you're curled up on the couch with minimal space inbetween you and the armrest.

6. You will probably have a fight with your cat, not physical.. Well only on their behalf.
And they will try to bite/scratch your hand/arm/leg/face off. Just let them know you're upset and they hurt your feelings. It's not a bad thing to take a break.. Have some time apart and have the space you need to get over this hurt. (It's never fun to fight with a loved one..So it's not different with your cat. Just let them come and make it up to you.. They will.. trust me.. And then you have to give them a treat because they said sorry..)

7.  A cat is like a toddler, it will test your boundaries, have a tantrum every now and then and it will manipulate you with it's puss in boots eyes and cuteness, just to get extra food. It's a trap!! don't fall for it!

8. Dogs want a friend, cats just want a butler. Just so you know, they are amazing actors and dramaqueens, arrogant; crying for food like you never feed them everytime you go into the kitchen.. It's pretty amazing (and rude.. to be honest)
9. It's okay to talk to your cat, or talk with them. Pretending they understand everything you say, helps with processing things/ your day. You can let everything out and they don't care and will not understand a word you say that doesn't sound like "You can have my meat/fish/yoghurt/bread left-overs".  But won't be able to respond. It's a win-win.

10. You will probably turn into a cat, it's not a promise, but you really have to open up to the possibility and spend a lot of time with the babe.. 'Cause otherwise it won't happen.

*Sadie voice*
You're welcome

Goodluck to you catsitters and new catparents out there!

Kisses on your elbows,


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