The "weekend" we went "camping"

And not post anything for almost two months! 

Hello there kitty cats,

I am SO SO SOOO sorry I haven't been blogging in over a month. *slaps own wrist*
Apparently I needed the break. School was getting bussier by the week and because we were heading towards the end of the schoolyear I couldn't think of anything else but school. So I did not only spare you a lot of wining and crying about school- blogposts. I also saved you from the crappy ones I could've written with my sleepy/delirious-end-of-the-year-head. 
I hope you accept my apology.
Because I am back! It is August, I just came back from the most lovely holiday in Turkey with my family, I passed my first year *happy dance and confettipoppers* and we have a lot of catching up to do. Well I have a lot to tell and share with you.
So let's start way back in June (actually a week after my last blogpost).. My class and I decided that it would be nice to spend a few days together in a house somewhere in Woerden, to end our year. (it was amazing,  you had to drive and then get a boat to get there, it was in the middle of nowhere, so we only had eachother, barely any electricity, so lots of candles) The perfect way to end this hectic, intens and amazing first schoolyear together.
Of course I had to bring my camera along to document it all. And this is the endresult.
It's all in Dutch, but I hope you get a good impression of what we did and how much fun we had.
Because that's all what this vlog is about.. And this blogpost. I need another moment to brag about how amazing my class is and about how lucky I am to have spend this year as a part of this class.
And of course the fact that this was just year one out of four.
So here you go! The vlog that captured the amazing three days and two nights we spend in Woerden.

I could just watch this vlog over and over again!
Sorry for all the swearing and beer drinking... What can I say? We're students and we had completely finished our classes. But in case you're underaged and not in college yet: Stay in school, don't do drugs, don't drink and study (unless you're done with your classes or it's monday-sunday)I hop you've enjoyed watching this as much as I have!

Kisses on your elbows,


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