Blogmas day 9: The tiara of a winterprincess

Hello there kitty cats,

first of all: HAPPY FIRST WINTER DAY!! (let's make it a holiday)

Now back to bussines; I have not done one of these posts in forever so I thought this would be a great time to put someone in the sun (haha, it's a dutch saying..). And after asking for it since the day I started blogging tonight I will finaly write a post about the little munckin, the monster under my bed (who I'm friends with according to Rihanna) aka the little sister.

I love this photo!

First things first (I'm the realest) my sister and I do not look a like, in the slightest.
We are not really best friends, well maybe we are in fact best friends because we can be brutaly honest and mean to eachother and still end up sharing a blanket when we decide to watch a film together. So yes, we're best frenemies.. haha
She is in fact the most honest person I know. A lot of the times to the point when I feel embarrassed because of her impulsive and honest reaction. at any time!!.. She has no filter, which I hate and admire at the same time.

My little sister's the one who'll tell me to not wear that dress because it is ugly. (in her eyes) And at the same time she's also the one to point out everything beautifull about me, I sometimes cannot see, because I'm to busy being insecure/afraid/ just a little bitchbaby.

She is really though, like badass, she wants to join the navy. Like what?!? Here I am farting glitters , writing a blog and eating cupcakes whilst I am dreaming of a life on stage. And she's dreaming of a life a broad, on sea with wild adventures. I think the biggest adventure I've ever been on was my trip to the rainforest in Suriname.. with her and our mom by my side.

That's my little sister, she has an amazing brain, I'd like to pick sometimes. And at the same time I love to leave it just for her to  have.

Things I want to borrow from her sometimes are her honesty, her fearless-ness (nope, that's not a word) and her loyalty. She is the most loyal person in the world, eventhough she won't show it all the time.

I love you little one..

Kisses on your elbows,


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