Blogmas day 7: the rock that jingled

Hello there kitty cats,

How are you today?? It's monday (night) so another week, and only 10 days to go before christmas!! (do you hate me already??)
Nothing gets the ultimate girly girl more in the christmas mood then a good ol' mean girls Jingle bell rock!
Today I was singing this whilst working and a customer walked up to me and complimented my singing.. Really cute! Next thing I know, I am telling him about what I studied and what I want to accomplish with musicaltheatre and acting in general. And we're just having this really nice inspirational conversation about the future and my talent.. As he liked to call it.
Like he was send to me by Ferry, who gave me a good kick in the booty last week because of my "talent". So everything happens for a reason.
I met a really nice, down to earth man tonight who made me feel so much more positive about not being able to do what I love for a living right now.. emphasis on right now.. And all because I sung this "stupid" little song.
So here is the original video for you to enjoy!

I will talk to you later my little  lovebugs!

Kisses on your elbows,


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