Blogmas day 3: the winter/christmas survival guide!!

Hello there kitty cats,

If you are Dutch like myself (how many times can someone mention that in one week?!) 
You are still or not, like us.. celebrating Sinterklaas/ pakjesavond (a holiday on which we celebrate the birthday of Saint Nicholas). But I am skipping the pepernoten, marsepein and chocolate letters. (Not really I had some kind of feast and am feeling a little sick, what better time to write a blogpost right?!)
In my book we have 25/26 days of christmas which starts at december the 1st. Lucky me I am also a huge winter fan!! So the two make the most magical time of the year!
But I know that there are people out there (or around here) who just don't like the cold and the twinkly lights and the christmas feelings.
So for you christmas poopers I have made another guide to help you get through the in your eyes; Most annoying time of the year!

1. Make wishlists on every website, on your phone, dedicate a whole notebook to your wishlist(s). And be an anoying little bugg and send it to your family, friends and significant other (subtle, just go like; Hey what do you think of this dress/shoes/bag/jewerly??)
2. Make a winter playlist!! just add all your favourite F*ck you/F*ck off winter songs!
3. Just go for a walk around town, so you can see all the (fairy) lights.
4.  Try knitting, you're not going to leave the house in this cold anyway.. maybe you'll discover a hidden talent!
5. Make yourself the biggest hot chocolate, with whipped cream.
6. Buy the biggest snuggliest scarf in the world and mary it. You can get a divorce around spring.
7. Christmas equals giving; buy your friends and family some nice and well deserved christmaspresents and try to wrap it in the most original way.
8. After seeing all the (fairy)lights around town you'll probably want some yourself so go and buy some! And some christmas decoration while you're at it!
9. Go get some nice (christmas) cards to write and send them to you friends and family (especially the ones you don't see that often)
10. Turn Netflix on or be old fashioned and get the DVD player from under your bed and watch winter romcom's or some horor if you're weird and heartless like that. Not judging just saying.
11. Get those oh 'so fluffy I'm gonna die' kind of socks and wear them, A LOT! Around the house and to bed, you'll never have cold feet ever again.

and 12. Yes it's cold but don't allow yourself to say that more than three times a day and most certainly don't use it as a replacement for hello whenever you walk into a room. Everyone already knows it's cold! We will survive! (takes note herself)

Well, if this doesn't help to get you in the winter/christmassy mood or help you survive, nothing will and you'll have to hide somewhere in the woods untill summer's back!

Kisses on your elbows,


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