Blogmas day 5: A little thank you note


Hello there kitty cats,

Yeah so there's something about this week that makes me fail at Blogmas.. It is currently 1:50 AM and I have just taken a shower after finishing my rediculously hard and big homework assignment!
Oh the perks of being a student..

Those little (20 minute-long.. Woops!) moments  in the shower are really the thing I look forward to the most every day.. I am not the kind of person who's married to their bed. I just love the whole night time routine; taking my makeup off, taking a long hot shower and a little bit of laptop time and a snuggly blanket (and fairylights!!) before I snooze off for the night.

The shower; I have given concerts, dance performances, fotoshoots and press conferences in that tiny little room.
And most of all; (Thank you) speeches, at the oscars, for a Nobel price or just any award really.

I was in Paperchase the other day, where I saw the cutest thank you cards.. I really had to restrain myself from buying them. 'Cause I didn't really have anyone to thank at the moment.

But I do.. At least I want to..  Say thank you to a lot of people, a lot of strangers as well.

I want to thank:

The man who smiled at me when I had the world's biggest frown on my face, The woman who protectively put her hand on a little kid's shoulder as the tram started to move, The man that took the time to listen to me, The guy who makes me smile, The girl who makes me feel like I'm a good person, The boy who convinces me each and every day that I will achieve whatever I set out to do, The friendly old neighbour who never knew my name but always waved, The friend who always, ALWAYS listens and laughs at my rediculous stories, The guy who gives me a cappuccino on the house, The girl who always seems happy to see me, The girl who wasn't afraid to compliment a stranger, The woman who gave a bag of food and a pack of cigarettes to an old man outside the station, The woman who took the time to make someone else smile, The man who woke up happy and decided to share that feeling with the world.

Thank you so much for making a difference.
Little bundles of joy, highlights of life.. spread over the past few weeks.

This is enough happines to have positive energy for at least another week.

to compensate the fact that we don't have a christmastree at home..

Kisses on your elbows,


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