Blogmas day one: The cheesiest soup:

9:06 PM

well there are only 30 left so let's make those count!

Hello there kittycats,

And welcome in December (Yes Demi I am also that kind of person).
The first day of december basicly means the first day of the 25/26 day journey called Christmas.
I have been listening to christmas music non stop since yesterday and I won't stop until january the 1st! or 5th! 
I got christmascards, blogposts to read and vlogmas all over youtube, I am ready, let's do this!
So to get y'all in the festive mood as well, starting today/this year it's also the first day of Blogmas!! *happy dance*  I will (try) and post something festive or just random at least every other day throughout december! How exciting!! Like a real blogger!

December the 1st also means the first day of a 31 day foodmarathon.
And since food, music and love are the only things (together with theatre) that bring people closer together I thought it would be nice to share my first of many december recipes on the blog!

You're welcome

the endresult

Yes so here you go, the cheesiest soup you'll ever meat (haha meet, eat. I'm on fire tonight!)
I translated some of the ingrediënts to dutch because I'm dutch and I feel obligated to help the dutchies out!
I hope it all works out great, comment, tweet, instagram or post on facebook when this recipe actually helped you make this soup! I'd love to take the credits!

I found this recipe on google, don't even know which link it was, but it's inspired by the Panera Bread cheddar-broccoli soup!

Bon apetit and I'll talk to you in two days!

Kisses on your elbows,


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