The 2014 roundup: 'The make-up hall of fame'

I think this will be the thing for these posts!

Hello there kitty cats,

So the end is near, 2014; a year full of firsts, old but goldwyn's (as in Tony, Scandal.. okay I need help), lovely people and amazing moments. That all was summed up on my blog through the monthly favourites!
So now that 2014 is ending it would be a shame if I wouldn't go over my all time favourites with you.
I won't just go over all my monthly favourites again, I promise!!
We will skip the official december favourites since this roundup is a four-parted thing..
But I will mention it if I have loved this especially throughout December, deal?! Let's do this!
We will start with the more superficial things; The things I have loved on my face; make up wise.

This year I have tried out a lot of new products and brands, but I have also been confronted with the fact that some oldtimers can never be replaced. Here's the make up hall of fame of 2014!

Lipstick: The Bourjois Rouge edition velvet in Pink pong and Grand Cru!
Thank you for not smudging or bleeding all over my face
during multiple (pizza) dinners and glasses of wine, oh and cookies,
 lot's of cookies.

The eyeshadow/: This is the Make up studio single eyeshadow in number 28!
mentioned it in my autumn make up bag, still love it!

The mascara: The Rimmel Glameyes day to night mascara!
Bought it last year tried other mascara's
but I always go back to this baby!
Thank you for making my lashes look sexy, thick and long.

excuse the smudged label..The blush: & other stories blush in Oldham red!
I picked this beauty up and have not stopped wearing it eversince!
It really made my cheeks look all rosy and healthy
throughout the colder months. I am in love..

The lipbalm: The maybeline babylips in hydrate.
It's a lovely lipbalm that's really light but still really nourishing.
Great to wear underneath really matte lipsticks or lippencils.
Thank you for being there for ma lips.

The eyeliner: Hema liquid eyeliner with the soft brush in number 21!
The most important step in my make up routine!
A lot of people have asked me what I use; it's this really cheap,
 really black, really matte and longlasting babe! 

The eyebrow pencil: Another one from Hema it's the loveliest,
softest most longlasting eyebrow pencil I have ever
come accross, so far. Thank you for defining my bushy brows.
And last but not least:
The concealer: The Mac pro longwear concealer in NW40 a waterproof dewy,lovely concealer
my undereye cirkels have made love to over the past couple of months.
They make amazing looking, flawless face, I had enough sleep and glowy looking baby's.
That's all for my make up! So if you have witnessed my face this year and you liked it, this is what I have used to accomplish that!
Most products I have purchased over the second half of the year, but the basics (eyeliner, mascara en eyebrowpencil) have always been there!
Let me know if you'd like to see these bae's in action or just swatches and I'll try to hook you up!

Stay tuned for the other 3 parts of my 2014 favourites!

Kisses on your elbows,


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