Blogmas day 6: Things you should buy for you

Hello there kitty cats,

I am currently eating all the chocolate whilst scrolling around the web to find things I want in my wardrobe... Now you know in what state I am writing this blogpost.. hastag once a month..
With christmas around the corner!! Like Oh my god it's only 12 days away and I didn't decorate the house yet.. SAY WHAT!?!
Anyway.. In my winter/christmas survivalguide I said you should make wishlists, you know to get your mind off the cold and into the festive spirit!
But instead of waiting for your family, lovely friends or significant other to buy (or get inspired by) the things on your wishlist, you can and you should buy some things yourself!
As a treat for being a good person all year round.. Or a bitchbaby (just made a Scandal refference there didn't I..), but not staying that way forever!
There's always a good reason to treat yourself!
Here are the things I think you should buy yourself for christmas: the christmas giftguide for you:

1. A deep berry/burgundy/bright red lipstick.
2. A festive dress/jump-/playsuit/pair of shorts(with the right amount of glitters/sequins if you're into that kind of funkyness)
3. Some very festive (glittery), unnecessary, but oh so lovely high heels or ankle boots. to go with the dress/play-/jumpsuit/pair of shorts.
4. A nice clutch.
5. A christmasjumper (the most rediculous one.. It should scream christmas, otherwise it's just a waste of money)
6. some cosy christmassocks, gotta keep them feet warm and cosy during the holidays.
7. (Cute,) cosy Pajama's.
8. That one book you really wanted (like the Donna Hay 'the basics' cookbook.. Or a Nigella one)
9. A ridiculously expensive beauty product (that one foundation/mascara/eyeshadow quad/bodybutter) you would never spend that much money on.. But hey, anything goes when it involves christmas.
10. A really nice smelling scented candle, Noone likes a room/house that smells like a pigeon just died in there... Everyone loves a house that smells like christmas baking or winter.
So here you go, the christmas giftguide for you, with things I think you should treat yourself to.
Now off you Go.. Go and spend my little munchkins.. hastag spendy Wendy. I just totally made up a new nickname/hastag..
Kisses on your elbows,


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