Blogmas day 2; A winters tale

Hello there kitty cats,

Let me tell you a story about a girl.
It was winter, well at least it felt like it was..
As the cold and wintery wind blew her scarf over her face and made sure she wore here mittens,
the girl was on her way to the city. The city where all the twinkly lights were shining and the people were smiling. (Accept for the homeless, they were making music or begging for money to buy drugs)
The girl wondered around the streets, hoping to find the one thing she had been dreaming of for a very long time (2 weeks exactly).
This is a girl who has had wishlists on every website, in every notebook and on her phone.
But never had the balls to buy any of it because she is also very greedy.. sort of.. she shares a lot. But when it comes down to spending money on herself she's very greedy, rude almost.

Anyway.. The girl had seen the perfect winter ball, Carrie Bradshaw-ish skirt on the Hennes and Maurits website and she was determined to buy it.
It was perfect for a lot of occasions. She would probably have a lot of christmas and new years party's to go to and perhaps some premiers. And if she wouldn't, at least she was prepared.
After walking around in the cold for a while, the girl finally went inside a little store, which was named after a mythical creature called a flying tiger. The girl didn't know where to start but before she knew it she had filled up here whole basket. Overwhelmed with the whole situation she paid for her stuff and left. She didn't plan that. What was happenning? All of a sudden there were so many things that she wanted and couldn't leave the store without.
She had spend way to much money, but why didn't she stop? It was like she was possesed. She heard someone talk about the YOLO virus before, but she didn't believe any of it. Could it be that she had picked up the virus whilst she was eating that sandwich of the floor the other day?

To make sure she wouldn't provoke the virus the girl went straight to the Hennes and Maurits store.
She stayed strong and put down anything she didn't really need. Her mission was to get the skirt she wanted for so long. She had almost given up hope, when all of a sudden the room went dark and just one spotlight turned to the one little spot on the rail where the skirt was hanging. In all it's glory and Carrie Bradshaw-ness. 
She picked it up and it was just like in her dreams, soft and princess worthy almost.
The girl was overwhelmed with joy when all of a sudden she started to walk around again. It was like she didn't have any control over her feet. The YOLO virus was activated again and before she knew it she was in the changing room with 3 pieces of clothing. When she walked out of the changing room she realised what had happened. As she hang one of the items back, she walked straight to the cash register. No more buying for her. She paid for her 2 items (one of them being the skirt) and left. To never return to the city with the twinkly lights ever again...

At least not untill her next payday..

That was a story about a girl (not saying who.. obviously) who spend way to much money before christmas.. You're welcome!

Kisses on your elbows,


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