Blogmas day 4; tips for superhero's #1

Hello there kitty cats,

On this 4th day of Blogmas (yeah yeah one day later then planned, but f-ing technology wouldn't share the video)  I just wanted to share something so cute and funny and lovely I believe it is the best way to start your week!

I first heard about the Kid president on and together with The happy man I shared with you a couple of months ago, it's the best thing I've ever seen! So in a world with so much frustration and violence at the moment I think the world's in desperate need of a superhero!
And how awesome would it be if we can all be one, just start with the small things, those will get us further then not doing anything at all right?!

It's so cute my heart's just bursted out of love for this kid, this way of happy rebellion!!
I love people who do this, who want this, who make this, I am trying to be someone that does this! And I hope it's working.

If you like it I'll post one of these every once in a while, to remind you of all the good in the world!
This video is a response to this one! And it's an act (this amazing child is not really ruling the world, but it wouldn't be a bad thing if you ask me) , but it's also serious business!

So get your smile out and share it with the world!

Kisses on your elbows,


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