The snowfairy

10:33 PM

Hello there kitty cats,

If like me, you've been in a foodcoma for several hours (maybe a day).. Then welcome back. I  hope you all had an amazing christmas and may your bellies be full to compensate the emptiness of your wallets.
This week has been packed with dinners, last minute christmasshopping, vlogging and sleeping.
But I also managed to squeeze in a little outfitshooting and coffee and cake dating with the always lovely Britt.
It is another twist on last years chritmas outfit; The winter ballerina.
The only difference; this outfit is actually winter appropriate. It has thick tights, (heeled) boots, an (extremely soft) jumper and a big woolen coat. You'll be ready to face the cold.. Or let' be honest it's so warm I have been taking my hayfever medicine. And you'll look like the snowfairy everyone has been waiting for.

I am in love with this H&M lipstick. it is an absolute dream to apply and just look at the color!! 

I say it with every outfitpost but I am in love with this outfit.
I bought the dress last christmas as an option to wear to my christmasdinner or even on new years eve. But in the end I wore it on my birthday this year. I never thought I could wear it again without feeling overdressed. But in combination with the softest jumper ever. (it's so soft I got two, the other one is grey!!) And some fancy, chunky boots. It was the perfect outfit to wear to my chritmasdinner with friends. I would wear a tulle skirt like this all day, everyday. So I think a purchase has to happen. Do you want to hear it again? I love this outfit. It really does make me feel like a snowfairy, but also very weddingproof. This outfit will happen again, that's a promise.

Where did I buy everything?
Coat: Primark similar here
Jumper: Zara here
Dress: Marks & Spencer was limited edition, so similar here
Boots: Zara similar here

I'll talk to you soon pumpkins!

Kisses on your elbows.


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