Blogmas day 12: The Confetti Gift guide

Hello there kitty cats,

If like me you continue to fail at prioritising and timemanaging. Then just like me you had/ will have to go to town for some last minute (sale) christmasshopping. Whether that's for an outfit for all those christmasparties and dinners you have plannened. Or because you still didn't buy your family and friends any presents and christmas is the day after tomorrow...
Anyway you might need or want some help. Some inspiration. At least I did.

So I've listed some giftideas and shops that will garuantee great presents to make your loved ones christmasses merry and bright.

Let's see:

For those who love to spend more time in the bathroom (then neccesary.. ):
1. Lush, Always go for something from Lush. Especially for the friends and familymembers who have a bathtub. Or the friends who don't get the whole hype of throwing a ball filled with colors and fizz effects in the water. And also for the cute cousins who want to have christmas-y smelling showergels, all the glitters or just a nice facemask. bathbombs start at €4,95.

For those who just don't want/need anything but deserve something fun:
2. Flying tiger; That store is just all kinds of goodness. You will find anything from leave-shaped cuttingboards to amazing notebooks and all different kinds of tea and napkins. Even ribbons and funny straws. You name it, they got it. postcards start at €1 for two.

For those who love make up and want to try new things:
3. The H&M beauty range is beautiful on a whole new level. The products are amazingly priced, great quality and the packaging is gorgeous. They even have a cheaper alternative to the Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick or the Sephora lipcream. And the colors.. Oh! I am in love
Their nailpolish starts at €5 

For those who just want to be cosy:
4. Primark if you're on a budget, their home section is lovely and their furry christmas socks are amazing. Besides that, they also do great scented candles and cute onesies and christmasjumpers.
I think their candles start at €3.
H&M Home and Zara Home are two of my favourite alternatives. But a lot more expensive.

For those who love to cook/bake:
5. If you're from the Netherlands; Dille & Kamille. Which is one of my favourite shops for cupcakeholders, risotto, cookiecutters and all the herbs you want to try in your life.
They also have great cups and plates and napkins, aprons. Even soap and more scented candles. Their cards are to die for. I could go on and on. Cupcakesholders start at €1,95
And then for those of you who aren't from the Netherlands; just buy a cookbook.
I love Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay and Hemsley & Hemsley. Hummingbird bakery is also a good one.

I hope this will help you out just a little bit. I really want a cookbook now..
Good luck shopping and ordering those presents. And I will talk to you tomorrow for the last day of blogmas!

Kisses on your elbows.


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