Blogmas day 3: Dear Britt #13

Dear Britt,

I hope you're doing great.. 
It really does feel like we haven't seen eachother for months! We didn't even do our weekly voicememo overload. 
I am so happy to read how great everything is right now. And I Cannot wait for you to tell me in person. 

Okay this blogmas thing isn't really going as planned. I've been really busy this week. And where everything slows down at your school. We're starting to get bussier by the week. Not that I have a lot of things to do per class. It's just that I have to make a lot of performances.
I had my first evaluations this week. And I could not be happier with what I've heard. Oh and I celebrated Sinterklaas with my entire class friday. There were poems and nutella babies, pizza and all the guilty pleassure songs you can imagine. Even this weekend has been very long and busy.. I haven't seen my mom and little sister for 3 days. So I am sooo happy to go home right now. 
As I am writing this I am waiting for my train home after another day at work. With so many bags I look like I couldn't afford a suitcase. With a miniature Christmastree. (A present from Meryl and David, the cutiepies.. I loved spending my hours inbetween shifts with them this weekend)
So I really hope we can catch up soon and have all the coffee and giggles with waaaaay to much cake on the Side!

Kisses on your elbows,


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