Blogmas day 9: The Blog-goddesses

Hello there kitty cats,

So I have not done a POTIT post in ages. But I thought it would be nice to write one a bit more blogging related. Because you know, that's where it all started for me; reading other people/ girls' blogs.
Every week I will put a spotlight on a blogger/person/artist that I love. A (in my opinion) (blog-) goddess. Or god, I adore both!
So for this first post I wanted to talk to you about Olivia from the blog What Olivia did.

I've been reading her blog for I think two years now and she is indeed a bloggoddess.
Her blog is amazing, she cooks, bakes and has an amzing style. Girl's got swag and rocks those fluffy coats and flaired jeans like no one else can. I am in love with the style of her blogger template.
And she and her boyfriend Joe are an amazing duo (he takes the photo's, she's a total babe).

One of the amazing things about Olivia (who I do not know personally.. sadly) is that she does it all.
She is a blogger, photographer, style inspiration and baker. And in my opinion she doesn't compensate in either one of those things. I think her photography skills (and Joe's) are the one thing that makes her blog stand out the most. It's almost like an instagram account (her's is amazing too) but then mixed with pinterest and Lookbook captured in one photo.
I could go on forever and ever, but I think you should just go and have a look yourself. Maybe then you'll understand my girlcrush on this lovely lady, her amazing blog, gorgeous boyfriend and cute dog. She also has a youtube channel, where she does baking video's, Q&A's, vlogs and all things lovely.

I get a lot of inspiration from the style Olivia uses in her photographs, both from the way she lays out her products and the angle she takes the photo's in. I really hope I get to have tea or a baking session with her in the future.

Olivia, if you are reading this; You are a total babe! Your blogposts, instagramposts and video's always put a smile on my face and inspire me to continue blogging. And therefor you are a blog-goddess.

Kisses on your elbows,


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