Blogmas day 7: The decoration gameplan

Hello there kitty cats,

Okay it will be christmas eve in 10 days. So it is time to invite father christmas into your room/house.
Christmas should be oozing out of your house by the time it's the 24th of december. And I am here to help you accomplish that!
Here's the gameplan:

last years christmas in a photo

1. Get as many fairylights as possible and just drape them around your windows. And around the ends of your bed and closets.

2. Make sure you have enough extensioncords as well. You know, because you need all the fairylights to be plugged in.

3. Light lot's and lot's of candles. Make sure they're either all without a strong scent or choose one scent like cinnamon and apples or white tea and Bergamont (my personal favourite).

4. Start making a christmasplaylist. Yes music is decoration too
5. Get a surround sound system and blast that playlist through the roof. Make sure everyone in your neighbourhood knows Saint Nick is on his way!

6. Buy a small christmastree (if you fancy one) and decorate it. Just a teeny tiny one, so you won't feel like you've killed an entire forrest by the time you have to throw it out in january. (if you're hardcore like me)

7. Get all the fluffy blankets and duvets out, you want to be comfortable, or make it look like you can be. (Father christmas might want have a blanket too whilst he's filling your stocking, just think about that!)
8. Only get the things that stand for christmas in your opinion. Don't let anyone tell you that a bucket with fairylights in it or just a christmasoutfit for your cat isn't christmassyy enough.

I think you have enough to get this christmasparty started! *Pluggs in all the fairylights and starts the christmasplaylist*

I am so excited for christmas I have to pee!

Kisses on your elbows.


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