Let's talk about Blogmas..

Hello there kitty cats,

And welcome to december *starts the fairlightshow and presses play on all things christmasmusic related!* This time last year I started doing blogmas; (try) posting every day up untill christmas. It was a mixture of recipes, outfitposts and christmassy stuff. This year I didn't even think about doing blogmas again before december started. But here we are, december.. we meet again!
And I think I want to do Blogmas again! Only I won't be able to post every day I think. So I'll make some kind of schedule, which I will figure out later.. But it's a good and fun way to create and post more content on this little ol' blog!
To celebrate the start of december and to kick off Blogmas I though I'd share a nice little song that instantly pops in my head whenever someone says 'December'.
It's from Sara Bareilles #fangirl!

So we're doing this blogmas thing again.. Let's get this party started!!

Kisses on your elbows.


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