Blogmas day 13: Christmasday

Hello there kitty cats,

It is Christmasday!!! I already exchanged presents with my mom and little sister. Who put a lot of effort in to buying the presents. And we had a delicious breakfast. I am currently chilling in bed, painting my nails and contemplating if I should go for stretchypants with a sequin jumper or just a nice dress to wear to my family christmasdinner later. (I went for the dress, with a ribbon)
It's a familydinner, so we'll obviously just be eating and talking a lot. So no need to dress up in a way that makes sure I can't breathe after the first round. Yes we have food in different rounds. It's like an all you can eat. Right?!? Or is that just my family?

So for this last day of blogmas I just wanted to say; Merry Christmas and thank you for Reading this years Blogmas.
I didn't plan everything as good as last year. So there was a posting-every-other-day- plan. And a posting-everyday-for-the- last- 12- days- up- untill- christmas- plan.
I failed at both. But I still reached over 10 000 pageviews this month. 

Thank you so much, may your christmasses be merry, bright and filled with so much food that you need the rest of the week to recover.

Kisses on your elbows,


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