July favourites

Hello there kitty cats,

As I am typing this, I realise most of you will read this (for me) tomorrow!
So in that case: Welcome to August!
Okay, so someone please explain how July went by this fast?! It was June like a week ago!
Anyway.. Let's have a little chat; how are you doin'? I hope you're having a great summer so far.
I am still chilling in Atlanta and I have had the most amazing Tumblr/ instagram/pinterest worthy (and fangirl) moments ever!
Like finding THE cupcake ATM every tumblr addict has seen on their dashboard since forever..
And walking into an Sephora.. totally overwhelmed by all the products I never thought I would see myself..
You know what, let's just go over all the lovely moments I've had in July.. you know the drill!
Let's go over it one more time!

Ladies and Gent's; my favourite moments, people, food, drinks and photo's of July!

1. Aside from this trip.. My favourite time of this month was definitelly spending time on the parade with these babes (and the awesome men of Mechanical duck of course)! I vlogged it all, so if you want to fall in love with that week as well, click here 2. The little kittens one of my friends got (they fit in ONE hand!!!!) 3. Watching my friends perform their last show as a group/class 4. Whitnessing the graduation of the kids I have helped and guided this year.. What an amazing feeling, #proudmama
5. Sunbathing with my chummy and the biggest bowl of watermelon

6. This card, which I gave to Britt for her birthday/ a token of love and appreciation. 7. This amazing babe called Lauren.. She may think I'm rushing in to things but I think we've become instagram friends.. she's lovely and gorgeous!(and she also has a blog!!) 8. Whilst we're still on the subject.. The lovely Nancy from nenz.net started to follow me on instagram... I've been reading her blog for years and years, so I deffinitely did a little (big) happy dance when this happened! 9. Spending time with my friends on their graduation and prom! 10. Homemade maccarons as a present from the loveliest co-worker

11. The best dinner I've had in a really long time! (And I eat great food very often) 12. A spontaneous coffee date with one of my oldest, best friends 13. A big sleepover with lot's of snacks, movies and the loveliest teenagers 14. Performing for little kids one last time! 15. Hopping on a plane to see my family

16. Basically what I feel like most days.. I just love this mug, still regretting not buying it 17. Walking in to THE cupcake ATM in Atlanta.. It's the thing I used for this months "header"
18. Going to an Sephora for the first time since I'm into beauty.. And finding everything I've ever wanted 19. Cuddles and quality time with my cousins 20. And..

Suprise!! I have braids again! Just for a little while, I still have to get used to it.. hence the serious face!

That's it, all of my rambly july favourites!
It was a tad long, but I hope you've had an amazing month and are ready for August!
So many exciting things are happening this month, I cannot wait!

Kisses on your elbows,


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