The weekly vlog; silent disco's, sushi and the parade

Hello there kitty cats,

TA-DA I'm back with another vlog!
Whilst I was (and still am) melting an shopping my bum off in Atlanta.. I have been editing this vlog I made of my last week on the parade earlier this month. It is deffinitely one of my favourite weeks of this year so far.. So sit back, relax and enjoy this vlog filled with Silent disco's, sushi, giggles, sunshine and my best, favourite girlies!
Ladies and gents: The weekly vlog; the parade part 2

I still have to figure out how to make a decent thumbnail and I accidently put a clip in there twice..
And I am still to awkward to talk to the camera all the time and actually vlog.. like a real vlogger.. I'm more of a; this week/day/moment through my eyes type of vlogger.. But all together this is one my favourite vlogs!
Would you like me to talk to the camera more? Because I'm also vlogging in Atlanta.. So I can keep that in mind for the next one.. Oh and a little update: Sephora round 1 has happened.. I am one happy lady!

Kisses on your elbows,


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