June favourites

Hello there kitty cats,

I am really sorry about the delay of this post.. I just really wanted to take the time to sort out what my favourites of this month were (Okay I just didn't have the time to write a proper post in the past two days.. As we speak.. well as I type.. I am sitting on my bed in my underwear, trying not to faint due to an overheated body in caused by this temperature.. That's how bad I want to write this post A for effort)

Anyway; Hello and welcome to July!!
We've survived half of 2015 already.. Take that Maya calendar!! And June was even sunnier and lovelier then May already was.. so let's have a little throwback session and talk about my favourite moments, people, products and smells of June!

You know the drill*.. here are my June favourites!

another photo of this awesome dessert I had with Britt..

1. finally booking our vacation to Atlanta!! I'm so excited I could cry 2. Finally buying my very first Mac eyeshadow 3. Shooting and dinner with Britt  watch the vlog here 4. The first day I could walk around bare-legged 5.Watching Chef'special perform.. they're my new favourite band, period!

6. This photo, but also just animal photo's in general 7. Starting the last season of True blood.. Only 6 episodes left.. I don't know what I will do with myself when I finish those.. 8. Reaching 105!!! followers on Bloglovin' and the week I created to celebrate that 9. Judging an audition with my chummy and Mr Curles 10. Seeing my best friends perform.. WOW these people are amazing and they're my friends!! #luckylady

11. Parkpop with Britt and Anouk; food and drinks gallore! 12. Sleepovers with Meryl 13. Voice messages 14. Carmen from It's Carmen, she has a really nice blog and is just a cutie patootie in general 15. Instagram 16. Smoothies, here's a delicious green, but not so green recipe from earlier this week 17. Peonies 18. Late night Wordpress tutorials from Limi 19. Baking cupcakes 20. A date night with friends; tapas and all the cocktails

21. Seeing the seniors of my new school perform.. I have four years to learn and accomplish that..so it's not impossible
22. And of course; the Parade! A theatre festival which Meryl and I worked at in Rotterdam and will continue to work at in the Hague with Zahide next week!

I hope you all had a lovely month and I will talk to you later this week with a little something that rhymes with clog.. (and this photo above might also be a little teaser/sneak peak!)

Kisses on your elbows,


*(that drill being; I post a photo, write some things numbered underneath.. post another photo, etc.)

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