The summer survivalguide for heatwave haters

Hello there kitty cats,

I am so sorry for the lack of posts this week, But I've had one of the loveliest/best weeks so far this year!
Graduationparty's gallore and parading around with all the hearts and my babes Meryl and Zahide. With the right amount of silent disco's, sangria and random dance party's.
I have vlogged all of it, so I have a sh*t load of editing to do this week.
Anyway.. Since the temeperature in the Netherlands has become unbarable some days and I am the grinch of summer.. Sort of, more a heatwave hater.. I thought it was about time I'd give you a little survivalguide, with tips for... You know if like me you just want to stop excisting when the temperature get's higher then 22 degrees. !Warning! this list is sweat - themed!

1. Accept the fact that your sweating.. Like you know.. There's nothing you can do about it. It's hot, so sweat will be dripping (read streaming) down your face/back/But/armpitts/cleavage.

2. It's okay to try and fan yourself, But when you're really hot it won't help. Trying to fan yourself will only cost you energy, which will make you sweat even more.. Take a deep breath and try to stand still for a moment. Once you stop worrying about the heat you'll cool off and the sweat will dry.. I know..IEUW.. But hey we're all friends here!

3. Try to avoid people who are heat tolerant. But don't hang out with other summer gringe's either.
Just find that one friend who likes summer, but still get's sweaty. That way you won't feel even grumpier or awkward when you can't stand the heat and your face starts to melt.
(I'm talking about you Meryl :)

4. Always have your windows open. Just a bit, not so wide that a pshycho maniac could come in. So you won't be surrouned by your own warm air all day.

5. Wear clothes that let air in.. flowy tops, dresses, shorts, wide cropped shirts or baggy t-shirt dresses.. you get it! A good summer wardobe prepperation is a must here!

6. And avoid colours like light grey and baby blue, once you start getting sweaty, everyone will notice.

7. Eat waterbased food.. If you don't know what I mean: watermelon, berries, cumcumber, tomatoes.Icecream also helps.. a lot!

8. Get a bottle of water bigger then life, but small enough to carry around, with a nice cap or in a nice color, that way you don't get dehydrated.

9. Find some good music which calms you down and still has a hint of summer in it. That way you won't die without music.

10. Have as much dinner and drinks outside with friends and family.. Try to enjoy the sun.

So that was probably the most "negative" survivalguide ever. But I needed a list to help me survive the heat. So instead of a cute list I thought I'd give you a gameplan.

Kisses on your sweaty elbows,


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