Something about goodbye

Hello there kitty cats,

So this week has been crazy busy; filled with fun, giggles and goodbyes. And some happy/sad tears..
I've never been the person to leave everyone.. I've always been left behind.. That sounds way more dramatic and sad then it actually is. What I mean is that I have always been the one to say their goodbyes and watch others leave. Sometimes "for good" and sometimes just for a moment.
But with me studying and living in Amsterdam after the summer, for once I am the one who's leaving. And everyone is saying their goodbye's to me.
Which is a strange feeling.
It also means a lot of people say what they really feel. I will be missed and I guess that's the biggest compliment you can get. I'm just a small part (hopefully an addition) to my friends, family and co-workers life.. And the fact that they will miss that part when I move/leave.. Makes my heart skip a beat. I am so blessed with these amazing people I get/ got to surround myself with these past few years!
I will miss everyone so much and it will be weird to start this new adventure all by myself..
But I'm also sooo excited for what's about to come!
And since I'm not dead or moving to the other side of the world.. Things will be fine!

"It's not goodbye , it just means we have to put more effort into seeing eachother.."
It will be fine, I will be fine!

So yes this is the most random blogpost ever.. But it was something that has been on my mind all weekend.

Kisses on your elbows,


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