Blueberries on a scooter

Hello there kitty cats,

It has been a while, but since I got home I just went right back to doing 2000 things at the same time, all to avoid admitting to my jetlag... And it's working! Two workout sessions, new recipe trying, cake eating sessions with Meryl and a bloggy day with Britt later.. And I don't even know what a jetlag feels like!
For today I have a little vlog (one that should've been shared with you a loooong time ago..)
It takes us back to may 14th. Two days after I heard I got accepted to the theatreschool of Amsterdam.
The zwerries decided it would be nice to celebrate this fact, so Britt and I baked some muffins, we watched some homevideo's and had a scooterride to the sea where we had the loveliest dinner with Britt's parents!

It may not be the best/ most arty-farty vlog ever.. But it was such a lovely day and deffinetly one of my favourite days this year! Thanks again muchkins, I love you!

Kisses on your elbows,


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