Like a cat bathing in rose petals

Hello there kitty cats,

This week has been the most wonderfull, loveliest, lifechanging and most nervewrecking week ever!
I have met the most amazing people and the best part of it al: I Will (hopefully) be spending the next four years of my life with these wonderfull creatures!
There were a lot of firsts involved like:
- cycling through Amsterdam by myself
- going to multiple parties in one week
- drinking beer all night and actually liking it
- playing "wie is de mol"
- spending most of my days laughing, dancing and cuddling with everyone I met.
- and becoming part of a New family.. For real, we even have a surname and a family portret!

I'm one happy cat..

I have officially started at the theatreschool of Amsterdam and so far it is the best place I could be at.

Kisses on your elbows,


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