Things you should do on a plane

If only cats could come on the airplanes..

Hello there kitty cats,

Since I am leaving Atlanta today and will be spending a lot of time on a plane over the next 24 hours.. I thought I'd give you a little list, a survivalguide if you want to call it that, of things you probably shouldn't or should/must do on a plane..

Welcome to flying 101:
1 .Have your own music(This one is something to do before you go on  a plane.. )Buy a rediculous amount of songs on Itunes, so you're not obligated to listen to the airplane radio/ playlists.

2. Be passive agressiveMake sure you get at least one of the elbow rests.. Just go for it, worst case scenario? You'll get a nasty look from the person sitting next to you.. but hey! Survival of the fittest! Unless it's a grandma/ grandpa, a baby or a pregnant woman.. in that case just put your hands on your thighs..

3. Have a secret foodstashIf you don't feel like eating the food on the airplane.. just say no.. or if you're afraid to do that just pretend you're asleep. Another thing; buy lot's of snacks at the airport before you take off.. You know as a back-up plan.

4. Learn to sleep with your chair up!!!No matter how tired you are.. do not put the back of your seat down.. there's nothing more annoying then having someone's chair all up in your face.. especially when you can't do the same thing #backrowproblems!
Besides.. no one has ever died of sleeping whilst sitting up straight! Be a babe and don't annoy other passengers!

5. Make friends with the stewardesses,
you will need them.. especially on a long flight or if your a nervous flyer.

6. Note to self; GO PEE!
No matter how big the person, blocking the way is.. just make a little announcement by slowly taking off your seatbelt and then ask if you may pass.. that way you can stretch your leggs, actually use the bathroom (check you're bedhair of face) and don't feel as claustrophobic as when you just sit..

7. this is the best tip ever *Jay-Z voice* If I do say so myself; Ask help!When like me your ears cannot handle the pressure during the flight (especially during take-off and landing) ask for;
two cups with warm, wet toiletpaper on the botom. It is a dream.. Eventhough you'll look a bit funny, it's worth it!

That's all, I hope you have a safe flight and I'll talk to you when I'm home!
Be prepared for a couple of Atlanta vlogs and hopefully some new outfit photo's in the next couple of weeks!

Kisses on your elbows,


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