Walk of fame

can we have yellow colored stoplights in Holland as well please?!

Hello there kitty cats,

Happy monday lovely people of planet earth!!
I had a bit of a writersblock.. Lacking the right outfits to capture whilst I'm away and my camera lens malfunctioning on me, whilst I still have 2 more weeks left here.. Is not really giving me a lot of inspiration.
But of course I can also write about other things then the clothes I wear, the things I love and all the make up I buy here.
Atlanta has a lot of things, it has all the trees in the world (Like seriously, it feels like I'm either on the set of twilight, the forrest of the first hungergames or in the perfect setting for a horor movie.. that's how much forest there is out here).. And it also has some amazing places, like the Martin Luther King house.. well actually it's an open air museum.. If I can call it that!
Yesterday we visited the Martin Luther King Jr national historic site and of course I took some photo's..

It was magical, and really weird at the same time.
Someone/ something you know and have heard so much about being underneath your feet..
The fact that they stood in that exact spot you're standing in right now, only 50 years ago is just mindblowing.

 I love how thiswhole museum is out in the open air, no dark buildings with pictures, just outside, for everyone to experience.. You can walk through it however you want, in no perticular order.. And one of the things that I also noticed; everyone was smiling.. they were there because they wanted to see and learn more about this man and everyone who faught with him.
There was no serious museum energy, it was probably also due to the sunshine *read face melting heat*.. 

or the fact that I was so close to this flame!

The best part was the international Civil rights Walk of fame, it was a little path alongside a park with all the footsteps of people who faught for equal rights with or just like Martin Luther King.

"The international civil rights walk of fame was established in September 2004 as a partnership between the national park service and the trumpet awards foundation.
Xernona Clayton, president."

So If you are a history lover like I am or just interested in Martin Luther King. Or even if you are in Atlanta and want to do something else then shopping.. please go and visit this "exhabition"/museum..
(An etra thing to convince you; it's free!!)

Kisses on your elbows,


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