The Prescription for Stress

Hello there kitty cats,

Welcome to the 'Life with confetti celebration week' day 2!!
Stress is upon us. School's almost over, summer has officially begun, yet there's rain and grumpy faces every other day! We need to get through these final weeks, so we've got to stay strong and stay together. So to make sure we don't just get on the next plain to the other side of the world, because we can't handle this stress. I thought; what if there's a way to reduce the stress?! And I know yoga and meditation helps, but I wanted to find a new, more happy and awsome way!
So with a little help from my favourite humans on youtubeSoulPancake, I found a way to reduce stress, that is so cute and amazing that I wish I had more stress so I could spend enternity this way!

Okay so here's the plan: Someone get's us a basket/box/something that can hold at least 10 kittens.
Someone else gets us a small soundproof space, with a lot of windows, or just overall glass like in the video.
Is there anyone who knows someone who could get us some headphones?
Who has a calming voice?! I already know someone!

Okay, we'll meet in a park somewhere within the next few weeks okay? Who know's a nice park?

Kisses on your elbows.


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