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4:11 PM

Hello there kitty cats,

The sun is here to stay!! *weird 90's inspired happy dance*
So to celebrate, I've been wearing dresses, you know the ones where you can see my knees and a bit of my thigh.. and my denim jacket has been dusted off and a part of my wardrobe again.

After a very busy, snotty and long week, On sunday Britt and I, you know from Just Britt Blog, had a little date night! We had a little catching up to do, the sun was out and we were craving some good food. So after a little two minute wander and scanning the menu outside, we decided to go for a little restaurant called: Bij HeM. Which is Dutch for: With him. how cute!
And since were bloggers, it was the perfect oppertunity to vlog, take pictures of our food and of course involve a little outfit shooting!


As a starter we just had some bread with Aoli.. that's always a good thing!

And as the main course I had the beef burger with egg and bacon and fries on the side, it was so good! The burger was so tender and juicy, just foodgasm all over!

Well let's have a moment to talk about the (secret, off the menu) dessert! It was a chocolate cake, with a soft, warm chocolate core. Some whipped cream and icecream (with cookie chunks in it!!) on the side.. 

It was so good, I had to make a portret of it. Just look at the core!!!

You thought I forgot to do the pose, didn't you?

It was a lovely night out with my girly!
Delicious food, so if you're Dutch I would deffinetly check it out, the waitress was so lovely, the prices were great for the amazing food we got. And the overall vibe was just great.

Deffenitely on my list of favourite new places to eat!

Things mentioned:
Restaurant: Bij HeM
Dress: H&M similar here
Shoes: Asos here
Backpack: Asos similar here
Sunglasses: V&D similar here

Kisses on your elbows,


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