My favourite instagram accounts #2

Hello there kitty cats,
Welcome to day 1 of the Life with confetti celebration week!

So as you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of instagram.. Like #1 fangirl over here.
And I am following so many people who's feed are appealing, that sometimes I forget how much work they've put into it.
I am horrible at keeping my own instagram feed new and fancy.. Because I am way to busy enjoying scrolling through other peoples feed and liking photo's like a mad woman.
But since I changed my instagram to my blog "name" I started to link the two together.. Thinking about how what I put up on my blog should also reflect a little bit on my instagram; Life with confetti, the instagram account.
Still working on that (Limi kind of told me off on this last night..) But in the meantime I would like to share some accounts that make my heart flutter and keep my juices for gorgeous food and views flowing! Ieuw juices..

Here are my new all stars on instagram:

I have an instagram account you can follow! just click on the instagram icon on my blog!
The cats of instagram
This is of course my all time favourite, the best in the world if you ask me, instagram account.
Starting somewhere last year I discovered this account and it has changed my life and those of you who I send these pictures to on whatsapp!
I you love cats or want to find out what all the fuzz with cats is about; just click on the link!
It will melt your heart, make you want to adopt a catshelter and something to scroll in times of darkness/boredom.

I go by frankieStylish, funny, drop death gorgeous.. and I hate to use this phrase but it's the only way I can describe it: #Hairgoals.. The supercute, lovely photo's of this fashion inspiration will instanly put a smile on your face, she also has a blog.. so click on the link and go check it out!!

howl hemulenLost somewhere inbetween all the food, DIY, cats and fashion photo's is Howl hemulen.
And amazing photographer with just very clean, bright, peacfull photographs.
It's just so edgy.. in a way and raw. Like a forrestpath on a rainy day. Get it?! No?? Just click the link then!

Reb London fridge
Well this is just masertcheff meets the fabulous baker brothers in an instagram account. I want to eat from/ be with this man. He is italian, lives in London and makes amazing food, at least it looks amazing. I can't imagine it won't taste just as amazing. please go and have a look yourself.

Alexandra Tallulah
Okay this next account is summer captured in over a 100 tiny little pictures. it is a hot summers day, with a cool breeze and all the fresh fruit, icecream and tanned leggs and cute outfits you can imagine.
If this discription hasn't convinced you, I don't know what will.

I could add at least 20 more to this list, since I've been following probably 100 more people since my last favourite Instagram accounts post.
And I've also been falling in love with my favourite bloggers and vloggers instagram accounts... #fangirl
But you'll probably get the drill.. I hope that if you're new to instagram and you have similar taste/interest as I do, you'll find this very helpfull.
And if not.. then I hope you liked it anyway!

Kisses on your elbows,


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