All the confetti

someone get the cupcakes, confetti and the glitters!!

Someone get the cupcakes, glitters and all the confetti; it's time to celebrate!!

Hello there Kitty cats,

The craziest, loveliest, weirdest, most amazing thing happened!!
I have reached over a 100 followers on bloglovin! A 104 to be precise! What the hedgehogg?? 104 of you lovely people, reading my blog and finding it interesting enough to actually follow me and stay updated on all the things I have to say around here.
That's crazy!! I can't really thank you enough.. I just really hope you continue enjoying this blog and it's content. Spreading kindness around like confetti, my blog in a quote.
And by reading/liking/retweeting/commenting/mentioning it in real life you are doing the same!
I really hope I am inspiring people to get a positive mindset and outlook on life! It's our party (we can cry if we want to and eat all the cake as well).

So just to make sure you read it: Thank you!
I write about my favourite things/people/moments every month.
But my all time favourite thing is this blog and with this blog comes a lovely bunch of people who read/like/follow it!
So even if you're nog a registred (bloglovin') follower; you are also my favourite!

To celebrate and thank you lovely bunch of kittens, this upcoming week will be Life with confetti celebration week. The theme will be: "A trail of confetti!"
So be prepared for some vlogs, outfitposts, recipes, favourites, essentials and happy thought video's.

this is The  Incredibles!

Kisses on your elbows,


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