The Birthdayprinces

Hello there kitty cats,

I like to write about the people that inspire me, people you may or may not know, but always inspirational. It's always a post about the people you don't know at all that I'm most proud of.
Because writing a post about them is my way of letting them know how much they mean to me and how amazing they are!
I wanted to post this way before her birthday, but I guess since todayt is her actual Birthday, this is even better!
This next woman is so amazing and I'm being confronted with that everyday.

I am talking about the amazing girl, woman and writer/creator of The Fime, Limi.
We've known eachother for such a long time, I kind of forgot we grew up together.. In a way.
Limi and I used to dance together, at the time I was eleven!! and she was 13 I think. Just two innocent girls who shared their passion for dancing. As we grew older and didn't see eachother as often as we would've wanted, I started to appreciate her even more.
Limi is the kind of friend who never acts like you haven't seen eachother for months. Eventhough you should be ashamed of the lack of effort you put into your friendship...
She has this glow which make you love her immediately. And reading her blog and her perspective on life and everything/everyone that inspires or fascinates her, makes me want to dedicate a whole book to her.
Limi is what I think we need more of in this world: critical, positive, energetic, lovely and humble.
But most of all; she's just a girl, a woman who has believes, hopes and dreams which she wants to persuit. On her blog she gives her readers a new perspective on things, inspires them, gives them something to think about  and an opinion to discuss.

cute as a button!!

Limi, I love you and every single bit that is a part of who you are and what you are: Lovely.

Happy Birthday babe, may there be many more to come!

Kisses on your elbows, cheeks, nose and knees!


p.s. check her blog The Fime here and whilst you're at it; give her a big virtual birthdayhug!

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