14 things to be happy about

Hello there kitty cats,

So first of all; Happy Saturday! 
And welcome to day 3 of the Life with confetti celebration week!!
I had the most busy and hectic week in a very long time!
And with all the hurt and devistation going on in the world, my head has been spinning and my thoughts are all over the place!
One good thing that came from this chaos; it made me count my blessings, filter out the good things and try to think of ways to help dealing with the bad things.

Around christmas  2 years ago I think.. I purchased the book: '14 000 things to be happy about' by Barbara Ann Kipfer.
It's not really a book you pick up and read on the train or on vacation. But it is a book you can just flick through if you're seeking some happiness or if you want to make sure the one thing that makes you happy right then and there is also in the book (I do both).

So here's a little list of 14 things I think we should/probably are be happy about:

1. Waking up to rays of sunshine through your window 2. The smell of pancakes 3. little white butterflies 4. wearing your favourite pair of jeans 5. kisses on your forhead 6. (cute) socks peeping from under suits 7.  coloured doors 8. A little breeze on a sunny day 9. remembering a song you love 10. shoes that fit perfectly 11. finding an old picture 12. eating something nostalgic 13. laughing out loud 14. goosebumps due to good music

And being the little sneak that I am, I HAD to sneak in a number 15: Equal rights!
I won't go in to it that much, but I did a big #victorydance when I heard about the amazing decision/change in the US. So this is obviously also something we forever will and should be happy about! *all the hearts and love emoji's*

Tell me about the things you think we should be happy about!

because we should always be happy about peony season

Kisses on your elbows,


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