May favourites

Hello there kitty cats,

Excuse me, for the delay of this post. I had to crawl/swim through a sea of tissues (which were needed to catch all the snot in the world, sorry a bit TMI) to get to my laptop and type this.

Welcome June, I hope you'll bring us a lot more sunshine and laughter then may already did! *rain starts pouring and the sun decides to hide behind a rediculous amount of clouds*
But before we completely get lost in the magic that comes with a new month, (in my world June means the beginning of summer, am I alone in this?!) let's go over the lovely things that happened in may one more time:

You know the drill, here are my favourite moments, people and products of may:

1. a lovely day with my chummie and trying out new recipes like these courgette pancakes
2. Watching True blood, is this getting old? I have raved about this TV show so much this month, how could I skip this time? I am in love and maybe a bit psycho obsessed (read: 4,5 seasons within one month and each episodes is about 1 hour long... oops!) only 2,5 seasons to go.. *a tear runs down my cheek*
3. outfitshooting on a sunny thursdaymorning with Britt, see the results here! 4. Buying flowers
5. Spoiling my mom on mothersday

a blurry photo with just smiling faces, it was a good night!
6. An amazing night out with my best munchkins! and all the dancing and drunk (in) love talking!
7. Training a lovely girl at work 8. finding the perfect pair of sunglasses! 9. Being a good fangirl by tweeting my favourite bloggers (and they responded!!) 10. the freedom festival with good music, sunshine and fries

11. this picture made me laugh so hard I almost choked.. and the sad this is; it's true and I don't even have a cat 12. Late night churros 13. Making sushi 14. Getting accepted to the theatreschool of Amsterdam, SAY WHAT?! want to know about all the ugly crying, soppy feels'? here's the emotional ramble that I wrote about it! 15. All the lovely cards that came with this accomplishment

celebrating my accomplishment with Britt, dinner by the sea and zwerries <3

16. The best suprise welcome party in the history of welcome party's.. thank you so much you lovely bunch!! 17. Meeting my new classmates for the first time; they're amazing!! 18. A cat sleeping on my foot, my heart.. 19. spending a lovely afternoon with my long lost Nathalie 20. acting classes, provided by me.. how weird/awesome 21. Finding the 5-pack of kinderbueno's again 22. the best weekend ever with my chummie and her chummies 23. A very personal gift from a co-worker 24. Adele's first album 25. being told I look like Lianna la Havas, still don't see it but I love her so I loved this compliment 26. a very, very, very late night trainride with my chummie and trying to kill people with our eyes 27. Performing with 70 kids, not the 70 kids, but more the performing part and all the compliments and lovely dinner afterwards 29. Getting the most thoughtfull present delivered to work by my chummie shaped like my favourite Lush mask. 30. long conversations with one of my oldest best friends

*Meryl Streep voice* That's all!

May has been so amazing and weird and breathtaking, I'm still somewhere inbetween realisation and dreaming!
I hope you all had a lovely month as well and I can't wait to dance in the sun in June!

Kisses on your elbows,


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