The science of happiness

Hello there kitty cats,

One thing I always get told as both criticism and admiration is; You're always so happy!
Sometimes that comment is followed by; how do you do that? Or Don't you ever get angry?
And the answer is: 1. It is easier to be happy and positive, then to be grumpy and mad all the time.
Besides that, it gives me a lot of energy and it has a huge impact on the people around me and the things I do. 2. I do get angry or upset, it's just not something I always choose to show.
So as I've said probably about a million times, I just adore the people from Soulpancake.
They do the most amazing things within their power to make the world a better place. *sigh*
And my theory about happines is being confirmed in this video.

Being happy makes everything a lot more fun, it helps you get motivated. And think a lot less in problems and much more/better in solutions. Like this video showed.
And of course you can be upset and mad sometimes.. It's not like there's nothing to cry about. Crying is a great thing to do actually.. Just be able snap out of it..
But being happy is something I hope will become everyone's first on the list of emotions they can choose each day.
Because there's always something to smile about, even if it's something in the near furture, just enjoy thinking about it now. Or try and be happy with the itty bitty things, like a pretty box of tea. Or introducing red velvet cupcakes to a friend.

Kisses on your elbows,


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